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Welcome Darling! 
Let me be your Chaos Care Bear. 
xo Mia

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You have come this far, you are CAPABLE. The overwhelm is simply because admin & ops is not what drives you. That's where I come in. 

I've got you! I will help you get your business back end into top shape. I will help clean up, triage and fix the pieces. 


You have achieved:

  • A gorgeous business consistently hitting 6 to 7 figures annually

  • A clear vision for the next 2-5 years

  • Awesome products

  • Established online presence

  • A few team members (or time to hire some HELP!)


I LOVE cleaning the messy backend and auditing for what is broken and what is kicking ass. I will dive into how your business is currently operating, recommend changes, track the steps and implement. All while the business carries on and the team is supported. We come out cleaner, simplified and efficient. 

Your pain points:

  • You are still doing everything!

  • Your team is not independent

  • Your virtual office is a mess or non-existent

  • Nothing is documented

  • Money is being left on the table

  • Marketing needs to streamlined

  • Social Media is a pain

  • Your leads are all over the place

  • The operations are messy and hard to explain to someone new

  • You want to delegate but are not sure how to 

  • You need a HUG! 


You want to scale your business and free up for product development, passion projects, marketing and other growth driven activities. I want to run the shit out of the back end, love on the team and track on the systems. The first 3 months are triage and auditing, then the fun comes with the "makeover". Freedom lies in our partnership.

Your greatest wishes:

  • NOT DO THE DAY-to-DAY shit 

  • Go on vacation and not worry about your business

  • Have a right-hand woman to strategize with

  • Give work away to someone you TRUST

  • Have someone else manage the Team,  Projects, Tasks, Paperwork, Bookkeeping

  • Have someone else ORGANIZE and CLEAN UP your business 

  • Work as part of a team where we all have ownership of the business

  • Have support, trust and RESULTS​

Having an OBM in your business looks a bit like this:

Consider me your Chaos Care Bear! I am diplomatic with the team while being FUN, I am efficient and minimalist to keep operations simple and I am made to think ahead (if this, then what? why?). I will always bring you back to "what serves the business" over the long term. Being intentional in this way means that I only work with a select few clients so you get my full care and attention. 

Look - you are brilliant at your business model, but running the day to day is not why you get up in the morning. But it is why I get up in the morning!! I live, eat, sleep and breathe organization, it is my zone of genius and I finally had that AHA moment when I realized I have been an OBM my whole life!


I am in my tribe now and I am FIRED UP to help business owners do what they do best,

by doing what I do best for them!

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My areas of expertise include (and are not limited to):

  • Project Management: events (Tradeshow to MeetUp size), product launch, setting up a CRM, creating Content Calendars, business development. 

  • Operations Management: centralizing a virtual office, documenting workflows, financial review, administration records, tracking all the moving pieces.  

  • Metrics Management: tracking stats on business components for analysis and recommending next steps.

  • People Management: leading your current team, outsourcing or building a team, team training, managing and tracking the completion of the day-to-day tasks, performance review(s). 


I am here to be your second in command, your business becomes my business. I want to create an interdependent relationship where we combine our talents and abilities for greater success together.  There is no “one size fits all” for what your business needs from me most right now, but there is a lot I can offer you.

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"Yes, you ARE invested in my business and that is what makes it work; I can't imagine having survived some of the things that have come up without you being there! In fact, I can't imagine running my business without you.  You've always had my back, kept me organized and been there for me and my business. Don't ever leave me!!"