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Who is Mia Frankl?

I found my way into the OBM Industry by happenstance; for years I gravitated towards role of Secretary, Executive Assistant, Admin Support and Logistics Manager. It would happen without thought, I just stepped into those roles where and when needed.  Keeping track of the chaos, documenting the crap out of the work, supporting and training team members and keeping things clean and organized are burnt into my soul. 


In 2019 a friend tipped me off to the IAOBM and their Certification and it all clicked, that aha moment of how all these pieces fit together. I immediately enrolled and achieved my certification! I figured out what I am supposed to be when I grow up! 

A story I love to share about this innate nature of mine comes from when I was a teenager.  I rode horses and I LOVED cleaning stalls! It was so satisfying to take out all the hay, waste, clean the water bucket, pick the paddock. Then I would bring fresh sawdust and hay, sweeping it back just right and straight. I would stand back after and just breathe it in. I still love that feeling when I think about it now. I actually hated letting the horse back in because they had a tendency to immediately soil it! 

Being the Chaos Care Bear in Your Business

I am a heart centered woman of service; I want to build a long term relationship with you. Your success becomes mine, I will embed myself into your business, into every nook and cranny and find ways to improve systems, free up your time and support the team. I am here to take work off your plate. I am loyal, hard working and really good at knowing what is good use of your time and what is not!

The proof of my effectiveness will materialize with you feeling calm after a brain dump, knowing that you can check on status of any task in the Project Management App (but you don't have to oversee it!). With me finding skilled team members and onboarding them properly to save time from hire to performing.  And of course, with you having actual time to work ON the business and not IN the business. 

Some highlights of my career thus far include:

I am passionate about building my success alongside the success of others, we win bigger when we team up. 

Let's talk, that's where the magic happens. 

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