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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Certified Online Business Manager®?

A Certified OBM® is an accredited professional who manages online based businesses; especially the day-to-day coordination of projects, operations, metrics and team. The certification comes from a training program administered by the International Association of OBM's (IAOBM). 

An OBM is your second in command, someone who takes the managing off your plate and frees up your time to actually grow the business instead of just barely keeping it running. 

When working with me, this means we create an interdependent relationship, where our combined skills work towards a greater success than either of us can achieve working on our own. 

*Not all OBM's have taken the certification. Do your research before commencing a working relationship with an OBM.*

How is an OBM different from a VA?

This is the most common question, and the answer is there is a BIG difference. To keep it simple though, an OBM leads the team and the work; a VA does the work with specific instructions provided to them.


When you can no longer be "the only one in charge" you hire an OBM to take over operations and team management. I coordinate all tasks, projects and people while you go after your business growth goals.

Click here for a detailed comparison chart of the two roles from the International Association of OBM's. 

How do I know if an OBM is right for my business?

If you are working to the bone and can't seem to hit the business goals you want to because of being stuck in day to day operations, it could be time to look at working with an OBM. 


Tina Forsyth's Five Signs you need an OBM:

  1. Your business is growing but your free time is shrinking

  2. You have to say no (gasp!) to the very things you want (& need) to say yes to because you are so busy running the day to day. 

  3. You are still doing all the admin work you were doing when you got started; you have not been able to grow out of this busy-work. Boo!

  4. You love your team, but it's time for them to either fly on their own or talk to someone else!

  5. You seem to have hit a peak revenue and just can't get to the next level!

How do I know that Mia Frankl, Certified OBM® is the right consulting agency for me?

Well my dear, we have to have chemistry with each other! This isn't just about getting hired, it's about finding a good fit for both of us. My client onboarding process will assess whether or not we are a match, and if we are, we start with a 90 day dating period (and get shit done!). 


We communicate A LOT during those 90 days to gauge satisfaction on both ends. If the chemistry is good we can keep going! It has to work for both of us, even if that means we stop seeing each other.


Also, like with any major purchase, do your research. This is YOUR business, put the effort into finding a good partnership with an OBM.

I can tell you that working with me is fun, effective and worth it. Google me, read my testimonials, and most of all talk to me. I am here to serve you and your business! 

I don't have any systems, or even a real virtual office. Can you work with that?

YES!!!! I love jumping into the mess and cleaning it up! Do not let this fear hold you back from bringing me onboard. 

Let me prove to you that I am the Master Organizer I say I am; I will tidy up your online office from top to bottom. We need each other to create greater success, let me help you and support you with the business growth. We can do it, together.  

How does this work? I am already maxed out. What will you need from me to get started?

I know right, great question though - what is the time commitment. First, take a breath! Yes I will need you to work with me at first, show me around and brain dump on me because you are the #1 expert in your business and I need to become the #2 expert in your business. Generally the first 2-3 weeks we work more closely together, then we shift into our defined roles with lots of communication. 

Here is an inside peek of how we integrate with each other:

  • Discovery Call (30 minutes)

  • Getting Down to Business (GDB) Strategy Call (up to 2 hours)

  • I provide a 90 day action plan & we sign the Contract (with clearly defined outcomes)

  • I "enter the office" and get to work; collect info, meet the team, start cleaning up and implementing systems and operating procedures. 

  • I also start taking work off your plate based on the pain points we identify in the GBD call

  • I keep you up to date as agreed upon in the GBD call and we have weekly status calls (typically 30 mins and flexible for what needs to be discussed) 


Other fine details are specific to each client relationship and we will sort them out in the GDB call and the 90 day action plan. ​ 

It's hard for me to think about handing over some of my business to you, how can I trust you?

Trust comes with consistent action over time. I know its HARD to let go, your business is your baby! I get it, my business is my baby too. All I can say is that more than anything, I want us both to succeed. I am not in this just for me, your business becomes mine too. I want to work with you because I believe in what you are doing and I want to be part of it.  

Only you can decide if it feels right to work with me, and when the pain of the status quo becomes worse than the pain of moving forward, I will be here to break through with you.